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Ministry To Preserve Biblical Views on Societal Issues

Do not be overcome
by evil
but overcome evil
with good

Romans 12:21

Our Public Policy Focus and Objective is to monitor, lobby, and influence elected officials at the state and federal level regarding policy in relation to a Judeo-Christian worldview

  • Monitor current state and federal legislation
  • Lobby elected officials regarding issues pertinent to the church and family
  • Learn the view of your elected officials and monitor their voting scores
  • Become a poll watcher on Election Day
  • Organize petition drives to collect signatures when needed
  • Learn the views of candidates running for office
  • Educate the congregation to apply a biblical worldview to every area of life

Within the Church

Our goal is To be Christ’s ambassadors by educating the congregation to apply a biblical worldview to every area of life, the culture, and current issues and events!

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